Investment Management

Our signature service is professional portfolio management. We work to fully understand your needs and objectives in order to design and manage your customized investment portfolios with the goal of producing the best possible results tailored to your risk and reward parameters. This approach offers several benefits for you.

In managing customized portfolios, we:

  • Tie your goals and risk/reward framework to your financial roadmap and investments
  • Invest to generate income streams that are timed to fit your needs
  • Manage your investments for your personal tax efficiency
  • Diversify your holdings
  • Use low cost investment strategies
  • Follow a disciplined, time tested approach


We evaluate stocks from a fundamental business perspective to make investment decisions. Our goal is to invest in businesses with proven, highly skilled managers that have a track record of integrity and treating shareholders fairly – they reinvest earnings at above average returns that generate compelling compounded growth in shareholder value. We strive to own investments that have positive risk-to-reward characteristics to avoid taking unnecessary risk.

Ideally, we seek to manage a diversified portfolio of businesses that have an economic moat. An economic moat is a structural advantage that is inherent to a business – it allows the business to generate an excess economic return for an extended period of time. Warren Buffet, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, describes his vision of an economic moat:

“An economic moat is the competitive advantage that one company has over other companies in the same industry. The wider the moat, the larger and more sustainable the competitive advantage. By having a well-known brand name, pricing power, and a large portion of market demand, a company with a wide moat possesses characteristics that act as barriers against other companies waiting to enter the industry.”
– Warren Buffett

Fixed Income

We are equally selective when purchasing fixed-income securities. We analyze the following factors for each bond we purchase:

  • Issuer industry
  • Terms of the debt
  • Credit quality of issuer
  • Relative value of debt
  • Price sensitivity

We can build appropriate bond ladders in those accounts that require fixed-income investments in order to match your assets with future cash flow needs. Used in conjunction with a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds can provide a hedge against volatility and be a useful tool to maximize current income.

Mutual Funds

For further portfolio diversification intended to lower risk and capture value, we also invest in mutual funds managed by firms that have demonstrated long-term success and are known for low cost fund management.

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5045 Lorimar Drive
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 469-241-0122


5045 Lorimar Drive
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 469-241-0122